An experienced data scientist with a diverse background and a strong technical skill set, I have experience working both internationally and domestically in industries such as development, telecommunications and finance.

A keen statistical programmer, I will be a keynote speaker at the useR! conference in Brisbane in July 2018.


Master of Computer Science (Current)

I’m currently exploring forecasting in high dimensional data sets and exploring whether agent-based (AI) approaches can provide a robust method of managing massive numbers of time series with a view to submitting a masters’ thesis on the topic.

Doctor of Philosophy 2004-2008

Research focused on finding practical, but theoretically robust solutions for testing complex time series models over multiple dimensions (panel data).

Bachelor of Arts/Commerce 1998-2003

Honours in Econometrics (first class – game theory). Additional majors in Economics, Latin and Ancient History.

#Work Experience

Data Science Consultant and Strategist

Rex Analytics / 2014 - 2018

At Rex Analytics, we provided the missing link for companies with a data focus, but still developing a deep data science expertise.


Department of Communications and the Arts / July - December 2016

As a part of this short term contract I contributed to two projects: the regional telecommunications database and was a co-author on the Chief Economist’s major work on the impacts of digitization on productivity.

Unit Coordinator/eLearning Advisor

Swinburne Online / 2015 – 2017

I taught for Swinburne’s MBA and MPA programs in finance and economics, as well undergraduate units such as statistics, marketing and business innovation. I take a team of students of varying abilities through a challenging semester of technical work, building on their skills and confidence.


The World Bank / 2012 – 2015

At the World Bank, I worked with the Pacific education team and was responsible for the survey and data analysis, modelling and report writing. I provided support for intervention evaluation design, sample design and implementation, in-country support for teams during data collection and entry. I worked on projects from Laos, Papua New Guinea, Tonga, Vanuatu, Timor Leste, Myanmar and Cambodia.

Casual Lecturer, Associate Lecturer, Research Assistant

The University of Sydney / 2004 – 2009

I taught and researched advanced data science concepts such as time series modelling and forecasting, classification models, probabilistic theory, applied econometrics and data analysis.

Technical Skills

My preferred languages right now: R, Python, Java.

Languages/platforms I’ve worked in previously or have experience with: SQL, Fortran, Gauss, Stata, SPSS, HTML/CSS, Javascript.

Pro Bono/Community Work

Cofounder: R-Ladies Remote

Organiser: R-Ladies Sydney

I ran a Code Club from 2017- mid 2018 for a small rural school in Northern NSW. To put this into perspective for you, it was like running a dev team of 20 hyperactive squirrels. Other exciting parts included the time a kid bought a whole jar of spiders to class. Once, a kid bought in a baby rat they found.

It was the country, what can I tell you? The internet is dreadful, but the wildlife and the people are superb.

#Language Skills

I have a degree in Classical Latin. There are two things about this that are relevant to data science/consulting:

  1. I’m great with communication and language
  2. One day the Vatican will require some kind of analytics and it will be my moment.

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