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Automating a consulting project workflow There’s been a great deal of really useful work around data science workflows in the last couple of years and if you’ve followed Jenny Bryan’s work at all, you’ll know exactly what I mean. In consulting, the data science workflow is also critical, but it’s wrapped up with some extra management challenges. In addition to code and data, there’s a series of documents, people and timing to manage.



Summary An experienced data scientist with a diverse background and a strong technical skill set, I have experience working both internationally and domestically in industries such as development, telecommunications and finance. A keen statistical programmer, I will be a keynote speaker at the useR! conference in Brisbane in July 2018. Education Master of Computer Science (Current) I’m currently exploring forecasting in high dimensional data sets and exploring whether agent-based (AI) approaches can provide a robust method of managing massive numbers of time series with a view to submitting a masters’ thesis on the topic.